Tragic life of Snapdeal

Ever heard of ‘kare koi aur bhare koi’? That is what exactly happened with Snapdeal. When Snapchat CEO’s alleged derogatory comment about India being a ‘poor’ country went viral hell broke down on Snapdeal as well.

If I was one the heads of Snapdeal. I might have had a smile on face but deep down I would have cursed on my luck or perhaps my entire existence! After Amir Khan Fiasco Snapdeal landed in the lap of Snapchat controversy.

Everything was going smooth on earth until that very moment when a report quoted one of the company’s former employees as saying that the top executive told him that the “app is only for rich people” and that he (CEO) was not interested in expanding the business to “poor countries” like India and Spain. Continue reading “Tragic life of Snapdeal”


Issue passports to Tibetans born in India: HC

In a groundbreaking move for Tibetans, the government of India has decided to issue passports to Tibetans born in India as per the Indian Citizenship Act 1955 following a Delhi High Court ruling.

A memorandum from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has ordered that passport facilities be made available to all Tibetan refugees born in India between 26 January 1950 and 1 July 1987. The letter, dated 17 March 2017, was sent to all Passport Offices in India, as well as all Indian Missions and Posts abroad. It is expected to benefit thousands of Tibetans living in India in forced exile.

This was in result of a case brought against the Government of India by Lobsang Wangyal, in which the Citizenship Act 1955 was affirmed by the High Court of Delhi on 22 September 2016. Continue reading “Issue passports to Tibetans born in India: HC”

Who do the voters choose—Candidate or Party?

What matters more—who the candidate is or which party does the representative belong to? Some might ask what would be difference. The point remains that differentiating between two political parties has become difficult at the times when these parties aren’t following their own ideologies.

Cases in consideration being upcoming Uttar Pradesh polls and the upturns of political events in Arunachal Pradesh, the discussion about what the voters look for becomes important. In Arunachal Pradesh, 43 MLAs of Congress party joined People’s Party of Arunachal Pradesh. Now, can we consider that either PPA now became virtually a party run by Congress minded men, or should one say that Congress dissolved and what now exists is PPA thinking?
Many studies show that sometimes the people of a constituency are not even completely aware of the names of all the candidates from their area, leave alone the background and the work done by them. But this isn’t a uniform phenomenon. Continue reading “Who do the voters choose—Candidate or Party?”

Tata Sons under new visionaries

N Chandrasekaran, TCS Chief Executive Officer, and Managing Director named as the new Chairman by Tata Sons after the rushed sacking of Cyrus Mistry. He will take charge on February 21.

Chandrasekaran popularly known as ‘Chandra’ was chosen to step into the shoes of interim Chairman Ratan Tata, who took over on October 24. The Former was also appointed as a Director on the board of Tata Sons on October 25, last year, a day after Mistry’s removal. The decision to appoint Chandra was taken at a meeting of Tata Sons board comprising a five-member search committee Ratan Tata, TVS Group head Venu Srinivasan, Amit Chandra of Bain Capital, former diplomat Ronen Sen and Lord Kumar Bhattacharya. Continue reading “Tata Sons under new visionaries”

Disbursement of PoJK relief fund is yet to see the daylight

The Central government has decided to take disbursement of the package in its own hands. It has asked the State Government to furnish entire details of Pakistan Occupied Jammu & Kashmir a.k.a. PoJK refugees like their total number, heads of families, complete lists of beneficiaries along with their account numbers and other requisite formalities.

The Government of India has decided to directly transfer the package amount to the PoJK refugees through Direct Benefits Transfer (DBT) scheme and the same has been conveyed to the State government.

This decision came into action after BJP, which is in coalition with the PDP government in the state, expressed its disagreement with the given list of beneficiaries by the State government. The list which was prepared by the State government only consist names of 26,319 out of 36,384 families which are entitled to the relief fund. Continue reading “Disbursement of PoJK relief fund is yet to see the daylight”

Unemployment in India to witness marginal increase: ILO

In a 2017 World Employment and Social Outlook report released by the United Nations International Labour Organisation (ILO) on last Thursday, unemployment in India is projected to witness marginal increase from 17.7 million last year to 17.8 million in 2017 and 18 million next year. In percentage terms, unemployment rate will remain at 3.4 per cent in 2017-18, signalling stagnation in job creation in the country. It finds economic growth trends lagging behind employment needs and predicts both rising unemployment and worsening social inequality throughout 2017.

India had performed slightly well in terms of job creation in 2016, when a “majority” of the 13.4 million new employment created in Southern Asia happened in the country. India’s 7.6 per cent growth in 2016 helped Southern Asia achieve 6.8 per cent growth that year, the report mentioned. Continue reading “Unemployment in India to witness marginal increase: ILO”

Success story of Patanjali, Baba turned businessman

Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna’s Patanjali Ayurveda Limited recently opened its first vegetarian restaurant in Chandigarh, named Postik Restaurant. Well I don’t know about you guys, I personally feel our beloved ‘yoga baba’ is on a mission to eat up all the foreign brands and create a monopoly in all sectors of Indian market.

Baba turned business man is expanding all over the places be it medicines, FMCG products, pottery utensils and allegedly in textile business by introducing his ‘Jeans’ etc. With his recent adventure, I mean venture he entered in the Restaurant business as well (read first para please!).

To me it feels like I am living in a Tollywood film and Baba Ramdev is no less than Rajnikant. One fine day Ramdev decides to start his own business and BOOM!! He is everywhere. Continue reading “Success story of Patanjali, Baba turned businessman”

Curse of pollutants upon National Capital

Delhi has been paying the price of being a national capital, whereas Jammu has its perk of being a small city

Air pollution across the country went up to alarmingly high levels amid Diwali celebrations on the next day and morning after. But, situation in the national capital was a lot worse than the small city like Jammu.

According to air quality monitored by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), Particulate Matter, PM 2.5 in Delhi went up to 999 in the US Embassy area and 702 in Anand Vihar. In R K Puram, PM 2.5 went up to 643 which is almost ten times the safe limit of 60 micrograms per cubic metres (µg/m³) and PM 10 stood at 999 µg/m³ which is  also way more than the safe limit of 100 µg/m³. Continue reading “Curse of pollutants upon National Capital”

SOS Children’s Village: Living hope for underprivileged ones

In 1998, SOS Children’s Village Jammu opened its gates. It is situated on the outskirts of the old temple city of Jammu and consists of 12 family homes, staff accommodation, a multi-purpose hall and the necessary administration and service area.

Currently, it consists of 1 village where 107 orphaned and abandoned children reside, 2 Youth Facilities with 75 youths under their care, 2 schools providing education to 1,123 elementary and secondary students and 2 social centres which have 704 beneficiaries.

For many years, there have been violent clashes in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, due to religious conflicts between the Muslim majority and the Hindu minority as well as to the strife for the independence of some political groups. Numerous terrorist acts against the civil population left scores of families homeless and many children without parents. Continue reading “SOS Children’s Village: Living hope for underprivileged ones”

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