Liquor Ban: Curse or Blessings in Disguise?

‘EVERY ACTION HAS ITS COUNTERACTION.’ This phrase has proved itself right in the case of Bihar liquor ban. Nitish Kumar must have tapped his back after he banned liquor in Bihar state. For him winning hearts of anti-alcoholic activist was much more important than earning revenue for his state.

I am against banning anything that takes away one’s Fundamental Right to choose what to eat and drink. However, it is not about what I feel on the issue of banning things. It is about whether Punjab should go on Bihar’s footsteps and ban liquor in the state or not.

As I stated above, every action has its consequences. Banning liquor in the state may seem like path full of flowers but it has its share of thorns too.

Banning liquor in Punjab would be as good as giving Haryana full access to water in the state. It is sure, the pain of one person is an advantage for another. So, if tomorrow Punjab decides to ban liquor, Haryana would be itching to take full advantage of the situation. Even though it worked in Lakshadweep, not all states can expect the same result in their cases.

Another instance is, liquor mafias in Nagaland smuggle alcohol from neighbouring state Assam, which means the revenue which was cut down by Nagaland due to liquor ban increase the revenue of Assam. Same is the case of Bihar which shares its borders with Nepal and UP which could very easily take advantage of the liquor ban situation and they are!

Punjabis are famous for two things, ‘Daru te Kukad’! Now imagine their life without one of these. Thus, a ban on liquor would not only affect the revenue of the state but also emotions of its people. Punjab is infamous for its drug dealing and drug abuse cases. Liquor ban would expose all the alcoholics to other ways of getting ‘high’. It is not just violating rights of a person but putting the same in a vulnerable situation to use more harmful substances. Now, it depends upon Punjab Government whether they want to develop their state or want to participate in the ‘RAT’ race of liquor ban.

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