SOS Children’s Village: Living hope for underprivileged ones

In 1998, SOS Children’s Village Jammu opened its gates. It is situated on the outskirts of the old temple city of Jammu and consists of 12 family homes, staff accommodation, a multi-purpose hall and the necessary administration and service area.

Currently, it consists of 1 village where 107 orphaned and abandoned children reside, 2 Youth Facilities with 75 youths under their care, 2 schools providing education to 1,123 elementary and secondary students and 2 social centres which have 704 beneficiaries.

For many years, there have been violent clashes in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, due to religious conflicts between the Muslim majority and the Hindu minority as well as to the strife for the independence of some political groups. Numerous terrorist acts against the civil population left scores of families homeless and many children without parents. Continue reading “SOS Children’s Village: Living hope for underprivileged ones”


90 per cent tourists left Kashmir Valley, post crisis

The ongoing unrest in the Valley resulted in sharp decline of visitors. Tourism in Kashmir has suffered financial loss as tourist arrivals have gone down from 12,000 to 250 per day and hotel occupancy is around 3 per cent. Tourism department official said, more than 90 percent tourists have left the Valley.

They added, the tourism industry in Kashmir has suffered an estimated loss of Rs. 3,000 crore because of the ongoing crisis in the s Continue reading “90 per cent tourists left Kashmir Valley, post crisis”

Peace not synonymous to Non-Violence

Peace is a state, non-violence is an action of maintaining it. They are not synonymous, nor are they too different. These two entities complement each other. We practice non-violence for peace, and peace is the absence of any violent disturbance–internal and external. Peace is deeper, the connotation touching the human soul; for instance, peace being related to human satisfaction, at the top of the hierarchy of needs.

Peace has been preached since time immemorial and it will continue till human existence. With this, peace might seem unattainable. But, in the process of making it possible, non-violence becomes the initial step. Practicing non-violence does not mean that there is peace, it means that people seek peace even in the harshest of the times. Continue reading “Peace not synonymous to Non-Violence”

Meitei vs. Naga divide over 3 anti-migrant bills sees no end

With the Election Commission announcing the dates for assembly elections in five states, the focus now shifts to the challenges of actually conducting the polls. One poll-bound state that might prove tricky is Manipur.

Manipur has been experiencing periodic blockades and violence for the past two years. A punishing economic blockade imposed by the United Naga Council (UNC) since the beginning of November, in turn, sparked off counter-blockades by Meitei groups. All of this has meant increasing hardship for the ordinary people as a supply of essentials has been severely curtailed. It all started with an agitation for an Inner Line Permit (ILP) system for Manipur by the Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS), to restrict entry of ‘outsiders’ into the state. The ILP which is already enforced in Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Mizoram is a special permit required to enter certain restricted areas in the country. Continue reading “Meitei vs. Naga divide over 3 anti-migrant bills sees no end”

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