Tata Sons under new visionaries

N Chandrasekaran, TCS Chief Executive Officer, and Managing Director named as the new Chairman by Tata Sons after the rushed sacking of Cyrus Mistry. He will take charge on February 21.

Chandrasekaran popularly known as ‘Chandra’ was chosen to step into the shoes of interim Chairman Ratan Tata, who took over on October 24. The Former was also appointed as a Director on the board of Tata Sons on October 25, last year, a day after Mistry’s removal. The decision to appoint Chandra was taken at a meeting of Tata Sons board comprising a five-member search committee Ratan Tata, TVS Group head Venu Srinivasan, Amit Chandra of Bain Capital, former diplomat Ronen Sen and Lord Kumar Bhattacharya. Continue reading “Tata Sons under new visionaries”


Disbursement of PoJK relief fund is yet to see the daylight

The Central government has decided to take disbursement of the package in its own hands. It has asked the State Government to furnish entire details of Pakistan Occupied Jammu & Kashmir a.k.a. PoJK refugees like their total number, heads of families, complete lists of beneficiaries along with their account numbers and other requisite formalities.

The Government of India has decided to directly transfer the package amount to the PoJK refugees through Direct Benefits Transfer (DBT) scheme and the same has been conveyed to the State government.

This decision came into action after BJP, which is in coalition with the PDP government in the state, expressed its disagreement with the given list of beneficiaries by the State government. The list which was prepared by the State government only consist names of 26,319 out of 36,384 families which are entitled to the relief fund. Continue reading “Disbursement of PoJK relief fund is yet to see the daylight”

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