Who do the voters choose—Candidate or Party?

What matters more—who the candidate is or which party does the representative belong to? Some might ask what would be difference. The point remains that differentiating between two political parties has become difficult at the times when these parties aren’t following their own ideologies.

Cases in consideration being upcoming Uttar Pradesh polls and the upturns of political events in Arunachal Pradesh, the discussion about what the voters look for becomes important. In Arunachal Pradesh, 43 MLAs of Congress party joined People’s Party of Arunachal Pradesh. Now, can we consider that either PPA now became virtually a party run by Congress minded men, or should one say that Congress dissolved and what now exists is PPA thinking?
Many studies show that sometimes the people of a constituency are not even completely aware of the names of all the candidates from their area, leave alone the background and the work done by them. But this isn’t a uniform phenomenon. Continue reading “Who do the voters choose—Candidate or Party?”


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