Tragic life of Snapdeal

Ever heard of ‘kare koi aur bhare koi’? That is what exactly happened with Snapdeal. When Snapchat CEO’s alleged derogatory comment about India being a ‘poor’ country went viral hell broke down on Snapdeal as well.

If I was one the heads of Snapdeal. I might have had a smile on face but deep down I would have cursed on my luck or perhaps my entire existence! After Amir Khan Fiasco Snapdeal landed in the lap of Snapchat controversy.

Everything was going smooth on earth until that very moment when a report quoted one of the company’s former employees as saying that the top executive told him that the “app is only for rich people” and that he (CEO) was not interested in expanding the business to “poor countries” like India and Spain. Continue reading “Tragic life of Snapdeal”


Issue passports to Tibetans born in India: HC

In a groundbreaking move for Tibetans, the government of India has decided to issue passports to Tibetans born in India as per the Indian Citizenship Act 1955 following a Delhi High Court ruling.

A memorandum from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has ordered that passport facilities be made available to all Tibetan refugees born in India between 26 January 1950 and 1 July 1987. The letter, dated 17 March 2017, was sent to all Passport Offices in India, as well as all Indian Missions and Posts abroad. It is expected to benefit thousands of Tibetans living in India in forced exile.

This was in result of a case brought against the Government of India by Lobsang Wangyal, in which the Citizenship Act 1955 was affirmed by the High Court of Delhi on 22 September 2016. Continue reading “Issue passports to Tibetans born in India: HC”

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